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The formation of TECHEN POLKCON is based on experience of owner and implementation of valuable research at different industrial application. Since 1994 we Started with air handling systems to air pollution monitoring consulting and manufacturing air pollution control equipments and alone the promoters having established different units for energy products starts wood gasification to change the fuel from liquid/gas to solid fuel saving the cost of fuel implemented such products.

Since inception TECHEN POLKCON “U deserve ur energy” is application engineering in the field of alternate energy and reutilization of thermal energy has been the key focus of all our technologies. The latest achievement of our scientific efforts is been the use of vapour (having heat transfer capacity much more times compare to copper) in varied thermal application like ceramic, textile, Mosquito coil , Dies and intermediates, salt, Dairy, bakery, Tea, Fertilizer, Space heating etc.

We believe in developing most eco-friendly and user friendly technologies and system for different thermal application as part of our endeavor to innovate. We have recently developed technologies.

The developments in the field of herbal and vegetable sprayed powder is also our concern & are making the same with low temp air with required specialized equipment to process herbal products maintaining the real required energy contents in the mass.

A domestic windmill which is mobile and compact way operate even at terrace of the small buildings requires very low wind velocity approximate around 5 - 6m/s which can run many appliances These shall introduce very soon in the energy eco-friendly environmental field.

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