R & D - Future Projects

Our Upcoming process plant is to enter into vegetable dehydration/dried powder which shall be mainly from different vegetable powder may be further in dehydrated vegetables also with low temp drying to maintain the quality of ingredients available in particular powder equivalent to the original value

Variety of Powder

  1. Mango Powder
  2. Amla Powder
  3. Lemon Powder
  4. Chikoo(Sepota) Powder
  5. Pineapple Powder
  6. Pomegranate Powder
  7. Wheat grass powder
  8. Caramel(Chikori)
  9. Custard apple(Sitafal) Powder
  10. Tomato Powder
  11. Bit Powder
  12. Coconut Powder
  13. Nim Powder
  14. Tulsi Powder
  15. Spinach Powder
  16. Etc as per requirement

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