Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

TECHEN provide solution to complex waste heat recovery application to reduce operating cost & carbon emission. TECHEN Heat Pipe offers very efficient & cost effective waste heat recovery systems. The heat pipe of our exchanger is able to operate at exhaust temperature upto 700C which offers a wide range of recovery possibilities. The recovery mediums can be to gas, water, oil or any viable fluids as required for the applications. Conventional waste heat recovery systems consists complex multi tubular structure of thin metals this causes single tube failure, erosion and corrosion. They are also difficult to clean an suffer from thermal stresses, cracking.

TECHEN heat pipes do not rely on a thin metal surface for a heat transfer offering resistance to erosion. It is also very easy to clean as pipes are having smooth surface hence do not attract particulate metal or dust.


  1. Low Pressure Drop

  2. Low Fouling

  3. Increased Reliability

  4. Increased Life Cycle

  5. Perfect Counter-Current Flow

  6. Low Response Time

  7. Isothermal Operation

  8. Reduced Operational Cost

  9. Compact in Size


    1. Air Heating
      • Combustion Pre-heat

      • Space Heating

      • Drying

    2. Water Heating
      • Water Preheating For Different Processes

    3. Thermic Oil
      • Thermal Transmission

    Applicable Sectors

    1. Automotive

    2. Metals

    3. Ceramics

    4. Glass

    5. Food

    6. Mining

    7. Oil & Gas

    8. Pharmaceuticals

    9. Printing, etc.

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